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What are the types of vffs machine?

What is VFFS(Vertical Form Fill Seal) machine ?

VFFS machine is a wrapping machine to form film in tube shape that is continuously fed from film roll to make bag (like a pillow shape), then, feed the film tube in vertical direction and fill the product simultaneously. After sealing the bottom of the film tube, then materials are filled in, then top of the bag is sealed and cut, and now a complete bag is discharged from the machine and passed to the next step. In VFFS machine, the bag width and length can be changed according to the product amount or shapes. There are variety of bag styles such as standard pillow bag, gusset bag, square bottom bag, zipper bag, and 3-sided seal bag,etc.

Types of VFFS machine

VFFS machine has mechanism of intermittent or continuous. The intermittent type has a stop motion during a film feeding pitch. During the stop motion, the bottom and top seal is made by the end seal unit, which is fixed its position.

The continuous type has no stop motion and feeds film continuously. Unlike the intermittent type, the end seal unit moves up and down by following to the film feeding motion when end sealing is acted. The up and down movement prevents the product from damage that might be occurred by dropping.

Therefore, the continuous type is chosen for the case of high speed operation, for fragile and delicate products while the intermittent type is adopted for the products which do not have much worry to get damaged by fall and not required for high speed operation.



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