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Detergent Powder Packing Machine

Detergent Powder Packing Machine


JINTIAN PACK provides a variety of detergent powder packing machines, professional packaging machine manufacturers to meet the different packaging needs of customers.

Due to the fluidity of fine particles, washing powder is equipped with a linear weigher for weighing, which makes the packaging more accurate, and can be configured with a variety of punching options.

If you’re not sure about the right detergent powder packing machine for your needs, please contact us, JINTIAN PACK is always ready to help.


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How To Pack Detergent Powder

How To Pack Detergent Powder




Linear Weigher Packing Machine
Large Vertical Packing Machine With Belt Weigher



Bag Styles:

Pillow Bag
Flat Bottom Bag



Linear Weigher


Z-shape Automatic Elevator

Finished Product Conveyor

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