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Pasta Packaging Machine

Pasta Packaging Machine


JINTIAN PACK provides a variety of pasta packaging machines, professional packaging machine manufacturers to meet the different packaging needs of customers.

Pasta is a very popular food. Most pasta is of moderate length and weight. It is recommended to be equipped with a multihead combination weigher for packaging and weighing, and then pack it with a VFFS high-speed packaging machine. The speed can reach more than 180 bags/min.

If you’re not sure about the right pasta packaging machine for your needs, please contact us, JINTIAN PACK is always ready to help.


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How To Pack Pasta

How To Pack Pasta By All In One Packaging Machine





Multihead Weigher Packing Machine
High-speed Packaging Machine
All-in-One Packaging Machine

Bag Styles:

Pillow bag

Gusseted bag

Flat bottom bag


Multihead Weigher


Z-shape Automatic Elevator

Finished Product Conveyor



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