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How Does Vertical Form Fill Sealing(VFFS) Machine Work?

A Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine, also known as a VFFS, is a common bagging machine used to package goods into bags as part of a production line.

Just as the name suggests, this machine starts by helping to form the bag from roll stock. Then, the bag is filled with product and sealed in preparation for shipment.

Step 1: Bag Forming

The initial step performed by the machine is forming the bag from the roll of film.

To do that, the VFFS machine feeds the film over a cone shaped tube called a forming tube, which shapes the film into the correct bag size and seals the bottom, as well as the vertical seam where the two edges of the film come together.

Step 2: Dosing and Filling the Product

The next step in the process is filling, which is accomplished by connecting the bagging machine to multi-head scale or other filling machine, such as a multi-head weigher or other filler.

Those two machines are synced electronically, so that as soon as the bag is ready, the product is dropped in automatically.

Step 3: Sealing and Finishing

Once the product has dropped into the bag, the top is sealed, and the bag is completed and cut away.

That top seal on the first bag becomes the bottom of the next bag, and the process repeats.



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