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Coffee Packing Machine

Whole beans and instant coffee meet different needs. Some customers love the unique flavor of freshly ground coffee, while others demand fast, convenient, just-add-water instant coffee. For whole-bean coffee, VFFS bag makers are the ideal choice. VIZI PACK’s vertical form-fill-seal packaging machines are capable of making quad-seal bags better and cheaper than commercially bought pre-made bags.

Instant coffee should be packaged in a small, easily portable bag for maximum convenience. Our stick packs are the best way to rapidly produce the flexible packaging consumers need. If you’re not sure about the right coffee packing machine for your needs, VIZI PACK is always ready to help. The packaging machine manufacturers will offer a reliable service to you.

Bag Styles:


Pillow bag
Gusseted bag
Flat bottom bag



Multihead Weigher
Z-shape Automatic Elevator




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